A dedicated Mental Game Coach specializing in supporting high-performance athletes as they strive to reach new heights in their sports. With a lifelong passion for athletics, Lori has an impressive background as an athlete herself. She excelled in Collegiate Gymnastics, earning the esteemed title of All-American and taking on the role of team captain. Additionally, she has competed on national and international stages in gymnastics and successfully transitioned to Sprint Distance Triathlon, where she qualified for the National Championships.


Coaching Philosophy

Drawing on her experience as both a Club and High School gymnastics coach, Lori firmly believes that technical proficiency and a resilient Mental Game are crucial for athletes aiming to excel. She has guided athletes to victory in State and Regional competitions, and many of her protégés have secured collegiate athletic scholarships to pursue their athletic dreams. Lori deeply values the hard work and dedication of her athletes, recognizing their ability to shape their own destinies with the tools and support she provides. She considers it a great honor to have collaborated with the diverse range of athletes who have crossed her path.

Educational Background and Expertise

Lori's educational background is equally impressive, with a Master's Degree in Public Health, specializing in Behavioral Health. Additionally, she is certified in Orthopedic Sports Massage, a qualification that has taken her across the United States as a trusted team therapist for Olympic, Paralympic, professional, and amateur athletes. Notably, she served as the Team Therapist for The Trans Continental Triathlon, a remarkable three-month event that involved running, biking, and swimming from Santa Monica, California to New York. Furthermore, Lori is a skilled Lifestyle-Based Wellness Coach, having undergone extensive training in Mental Game Coaching and Sports Psychology. This comprehensive training has equipped her to work with athletes from various disciplines, including gymnastics, baseball, track and field, and even world champions in Jiu-Jitsu. Always striving for improvement, Lori actively seeks new ways to enhance her abilities and better assist the athletes she supports.


Transformational Journey

With enthusiasm and anticipation, Lori invites you to embark on a transformative journey of Mental Game Coaching together

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