Team Mental Training Seminars/Workshops

The success of a team in competition relies not only on the physical abilities of its members but also on their mental toughness and cohesive teamwork. Championship teams prevail because coaches understand how to instill confidence, maintain composure, and foster teamwork among athletes. Success in sports surpasses talent and physical prowess alone. A unified and mentally tough team can triumph over physically superior opponents. In fact, the ability to cultivate mental toughness in athletes is the most crucial asset coaches can possess.

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Mental training programs specifically designed for coaches and teams are aimed at building confidence, enhancing concentration, and improving team communication. Whether your team is experiencing a performance slump, facing communication challenges, or simply aiming to improve consistency, mental training can help you and your team develop a winning mindset

Each custom-designed workshop will assist you in:

  • Revealing the attitudes, behaviors, and beliefs that hinder your team's physical performance.
  • Implementing customized mental game strategies tailored to the specific needs of your team.
  • Acquiring routines that enable your team to enter and sustain the "zone" for longer durations.
  • Enhancing team cohesion and promoting effective teamwork.
  • Cultivating a championship team attitude.
  • Additionally, Lori Barthlow can conduct one-on-one sessions with key members of your team to help them overcome specific mental obstacles and maximize their athletic potential.

Program Options and Pricing:

Mind Over Athlete is pleased to offer three program levels designed to meet the varying needs and duration preferences of athletes. Each program includes personalized mental coaching sessions to enhance performance and mental resilience. Below are the program options along with their corresponding durations and pricing:

One-Hour Group Seminar
Two One-Hour Custom Seminars
Three One-Hour Custom Seminars
Four One-Hour Custom Seminars
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Each workshop includes:

  • Pre-seminar mental game assessment to uncover the mental game obstacles inhibiting athletic potential.
  • Workshop presentation focusing on the overall needs of the team, such as confidence, focus, and composure, based on input and surveys from coaches.
  • Development of a customized workbook program designed to address the specific needs of the team.
  • Breakout session(s) to provide athletes and coaches with time to apply the sports psychology skills learned during the workshop.
  • Optional follow-up sessions available for groups and individuals.

Experience the effectiveness of one-on-one mental coaching, the swiftest and most impactful approach to improving your mental game, achieving consistent performance, and fostering lasting changes.

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Sample Seminars:

  • Building Confidence: If You Believe, You Can Achieve
  • Improving Your Focus: The Magic of Concentration
  • Making the Switch from Practice to Performance Mindset
  • Mental Keys to a Focused Pre-Performance Routine
  • Breaking Free of Limiting Comfort Zones
  • Developing Mental Preparation Strategies of the Pros
  • The Psychology of Great Performance: How Great Athletes Think
  • Effective Practice: Perfect Practice Makes Perfect Performance
  • Lessons I've Learned Working with Top Athletes
  • Customized Topics to Address the Challenges of Each Team

Sample Clinics:


  • Making the Most of Practice Time
  • Building Team Unity/Cohesion
  • Boosting Teamwork for Tough Competition
  • Developing Routines to Enter the Zone
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Steps in the Seminar Process:

Have the team complete an assessment.
 Discuss the results with Lori Barthlow to narrow down topics.
Provide seminar worksheets and workbooks to the coach
Have the team complete an assessment.

Start the Process:

To begin assessing your team and creating a tailored workshop to address the specific challenges you would like to target, please contact us.

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